The Truck Traders


Said Brother Bill

To Brother Ben

“Such a nice truck

you’re riding in.”


Said Brother Ben

To Brother Bill,

“I’ll sell it to you

Brother Bill, I will.”


So the trade was made,

And Bill bought Ben’s,

And this is where

The trouble begins.


Now Brother Ben

He had no wheels

So he decided

To strike a deal.


“Brother Bill,” said Ben,

“Sell me your old truck,

I’ve looked for new wheels,

But had no luck.”


So Bill sold Ben

His old half-ton,

Now, Ben has Bill’s

And Bill has Ben’s.


Then Bill sent his son Bill

To buy license for his,

Said son Bill to the license bureau—

“Quite a trade this is!”


“My Father, Bill

Bought Uncle Ben’s

And Ben bought Bill’s

Do you understand?”


“Oh, yes!” said she,

“Bill, son of Bill,

You want plates not for Ben

But you do for Bill.”


The end of the tale?

I wish it were!

There’s more to tell

So lend an ear.



Bill had a friend.

His name was Bub.

Who swore a new truck

He’d have, by Gub!


Said he, “Friend Bill,

You can buy my old,

I’ll make an offer,

And you can’t say no.”


So Bill said yes

To his friend Bub,

And told Brother Ben

Just what was up.


Then Brother Ben said,

“Bill, if you don’t care,

I’d like to buy back

My old truck there.”


So Ben sold the truck

He had bought from Bill

But Bub hasn’t traded.

Who knows if he will?


Now, Ben’s wheels are gone

And he can’t buy Bill’s

Until Friend Bub says

He will sell Bill his.


When Bub breaks down

And makes his deal,

All three men

Will have new wheels


So cheers to Bub

And his new truck

To Bill and Ben

The Best of Luck


The moral of this?

I’m afraid there is none,

And as of now,

My story is done.


By Ann-Nony-Musss