Findlay Glass Plate Photos c. 1910

Alan Thompson has provided 4 old photos from glass plates. He bought these a number of years ago and I understand that they may portray members of the Booker family. The box containing the glass slides was marked "A Booker." Included here are: two images of a Christmas tree, one of a woman and girl on porch during a big snow, and one of hunting and fishing equipment. Mr. Thompson learned that the Bookers regularly went to Wisconsin where they fished and hunted. Mrs. Baker (Harriet Overbeck) has recently confirmed that DeLoss Booker's father used to go to Wisconsin frequently so I assume there is a connection here. In any event, these are nice and early pictures. Thanks to Mr. Thompson for these. Alan went to Cowden School. James Walter Bradford Thompson, Alan's great-grandfather, settled around Findlay and died in 1936. Alan is seeking any photos or information about him. Contact me if you know of his great-grandfather or have information about him and I will pass it on to Alan.